We’ve had some pretty heavy storms here recently. Well, heavy for Hawaii, at least. But with the downpours come greener mountains and blooming flowers. Diamond Head is starting to look green again!

What all this means is that summer is just around the corner and the first thing that comes to mind is THE BEACH! Luckily, we have more than our fair share of swimwear shops here at Collections of Waikiki.

Our Local Motion store has the largest selection of RVCA (pronounced rooh-kah) attire in the state! It is unusual to go anywhere local and not see someone sporting a RVCA hat or shirt here…

First Break has a new line of swimwear, called Maaji. Imported from Columbia, all the tops and bottoms are reversible and are UNBELIEVABLY cute.

To come: Angelo, Hula-la, Flip Flop Shops, San Lorenzo Brazilian Bikinis, Volcom…and more!