Attending a Hawaiian Wedding at Collections of Waikiki 

Here are a few sample experiences taken from Collections of Waikiki shoppers and guests. Follow along and use them as your own personal shopping itineraries for a pre-planned fun-filled day!



The veranda
The Veranda

Beachfront scenery and classic turn-of-the-century architecture makes for a delightful island breakfast setting. Recommended items include: the continental breakfast bar (papaya, pineapple, pastries, yogurt, smoked salmon and juice)

Hoku Boutique
Hoku Boutique

Recommended items: casual broad-brimmed hats and Hawaiian-print dresses

Hawaiian Quilt
Hawaiian Quilt Collection

Recommended items: Hawaiian quilt cushions and a wedding card

Tori Richards
Tori Richard

Recommended items: silk vintage authentic Aloha shirts and pants



Maui Divers
Maui Divers Jewelry

Recommended items: Plumeria necklaces and earrings

Honolulu Chocolate
Honolulu Chocolate Company

Recommended items: hand-dipped chocolate covered mangos




Recommended items: Moana Surfrider limited-edition white suitcase and carry-on